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smart simplicity is the real innovation

Panizzolo technologies and recycling plants have been developed counting over twenty years of direct experience in metal scrap grinding and refining sector.
High performance, strong components and easy maintenance are the main features of Panizzolo hammermills, shredders and separation systems; taking care to save energy, time and money.

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Cans from MSW (municipal solid waste)

Extremely high quality product and excellent hourly productions gave Panizzolo Machines the chance of processing a huge quantity of msw cans all over Europe.

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Electric motors

The patented system of interchangeable cradle and grids allows Panizzolo hammermills and plants to obtain an extremely refined output and to operate a perfect separation between the valuable materials

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Aluminium: profile & carter

Extremely high quality product and excellent hourly productions allowed Panizzolo machines and plants the chance of being inside the most important aluminium foundries in Italy and Europe.

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WEEE Recycling

Panizzolo feature patented technologies to guarantee a complete recovery of all components, keeping an eye on safety and health, being environment-friendly (with dust suction systems, soundproof insulation and separation of hazardous components) and user-friendly.

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Cans from MSW (municipal solid waste)

Panizzolo plants for cans from MSW can also process cans from industrial waste and perform excellent results also with mixed cans (aluminium and iron).

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Electric motors plants

Starting from grinding and separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, our machines provide complete and efficient technologies for the separation of all output material.

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Refining Plant

For copper resulting from the grinding of electric motors, by-products not selected by WEEE treatments, waste from printed circuit boards and special mixtures containing a considerable amount of copper (as the Fluff from mixed metal milling or flotation plants) and more.

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Aluminium recycling: profile & carter

high quality product and excellent hourly productions allowed Panizzolo solutions the chance of being inside the most important aluminium foundries in Europe.

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Flex 1000

Panizzolo Flex 1000 hammermill is the right choice to grind and refine middle size metal waste and materials. It can perform a grinding action and a first refining in metal waste such as MSW cans, industrial electric motors and WEEE electric motors and more.

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Flex 1000 Mobile

Can grind and refine a wide range of scrap metal waste like pre-shredded aluminium profile, MSW, cans, small size WEEE and electric motors, radiators, shredded sandwich covering panels…

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Metal Scrap Shredders

Excellent even with the most difficult materials. Perfect for the volumetric reduction and roughing light-weight ferrous scrap metal waste, aluminum profile, wood and plastics, packaged and pressed materials and more.

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Eddy Current Separators for non-ferrous metals

Panizzolo Eddy Current Separators give perfect division between non-ferrous metals as aluminium and copper, and inert materials as plastic, rubber, wood.

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