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We know materials and their value

Since the mid 60s Panizzolo Group has a direct experiences and a complete knowledge of all main ferrous and metal waste types and their recycling processing methods. 

Panizzolo Recycling Systems designs plants which are recognized as one of the best solutions in the market, thanks to their effectiveness and efficiency in metal treatment and metal waste such as:

  • aluminum profile,
  • scrap metal waste,
  • cans from Municipal Solid Waste (MSW),
  • electric motors (from WEEE and industrial),
  • polluted steel tyre wire from ELT plants. 

Starting from its shredders and hammermills, Panizzolo Group designs technologies to separate the output materials such as copper, aluminum, iron and steel, maximizing their value.


Cans from MSW (municipal solid waste)

MSW cans are a common waste in our cities. With Panizzolo Recycling Systems, they are not just waste anymore, becoming a precious resource, instead.

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Electric motors

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants for electric motors recycling can provide excellent results and guarantee great profits.

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Aluminium: profile & carter

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants and machines can work huge quantities of aluminium profile and carter. Shredding, size reduction, material separation.

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Steel tire wire & iron from car rubber gaskets

Panizzolo Recycling Systems tire rubber plants can clean harmonium steel from rubber and textile fiber, to get clean output which can be sold to foundries.

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Disused Tires Recycling (ELT)

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants for used tires. Perfect separation of rubber, textile fiber and iron wire, to have granule, chip, or tire crumb.

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Scrap metal waste

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants for scrap metal allow valuable high-quality results and more profits. Powerful smart solutions for a wide range of waste.

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WEEE Recycling

The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (W.E.E.E.) represent the category of waste in the most rapid increase globally with a growth rate of 3-5% per year, three times faster than common waste.

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Panizzolo Recycling Systems gives value to metals coming from shredded automotive and industrial radiators. More value for aluminium, copper, iron, steel.

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Refrigerant pipes

Panizzolo Recycling Systems’ plants can simplify and optimize the treatment process and recycling for cooling and refrigerant pipes

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Sandwich Covering Panels

Panizzolo Recycling Systems can work sandwich covering panels separating different material layers with just one machine. Powerful and effective.

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Car fluff

Car fluff: waste from automotive scrap and shredded cars. Panizzolo Recycling Systems feature effective solution for this difficult material.

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Pulper Waste From Paper Mill

Panizzolo Recycling Systems for paper pulper recycling. Shredders, hammermills and separation to obtain metal and fuel. A complete solution

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