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Eddy Current Separators for non-ferrous metals

Panizzolo SMNF Separators for non-ferrous metals operate through eddy current systems, giving a perfect division between non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper, steel, etc.) and heavy inert materials (plastic, rubber, wood, etc.).

They are designed to be stationary or mobile plants, and they come in different sizes:

  • Medium-large separator: working with material size from 15-20 mm. up.
  • Medium separator: working with material size from 5-8 mm. up.
  • Medium-small separator: working with material size from 3-4 mm. up.


The high quality level of the entire separation process in Panizzolo Eddy Current Separator for non-ferrous metal is guaranteed by the control software. It has been set up by Panizzolo, it is easy and user-friendly, in order to manage the production in real time.
The processing is always optimized and, if necessary, is arranged with a remote connection assistance.


Panizzolo equipment and machines are designed to be modular, in order to speed up the installation of upgrades as soundproof cabins, filtered aspirations, material transport systems, and more.