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Cans from MSW (municipal solid waste)


Panizzolo plant for cans from MSW (municipal solid waste) and similar material can recover recyclable metal components producing high quality proler and separating metals from inert components as plastic, nylon, residual food, etc.
Output materials after the treatment will be:

  • Clean Iron proler
  • Clean Metals
  • Light inert materials
  • Heavy inert materials


Panizzolo plants for cans from MSW can also process cans from industrial waste and perform excellent results also with mixed cans (aluminium and iron).
Panizzolo plants have been recognized as one of the best available solutions because of their capability of processing material containing a percentage up to 65% of inert materials and with the most heavy pressed/packed cans.


Output proler can be sold directly to foundries and traders as a secondary raw material.

Panizzolo plants for MSW cans proudly feature the patented system of interchangeable cradle and grids that helps in having extremely high quality product and excellent hourly productions. These results gave Panizzolo Machines the chance of processing a huge quantity of msw cans all over Europe.


Panizzolo plants are designed to be flexible.

Patented interchangeable components give the chance of working with several material and can change ouput results in a very short time and reducing costs.
Moreover, Panizzolo equipment and machines are designed to be modular, in order to speed up the installation of upgrades.

Use technologies

Hammermill Panizzolo Hammermills come in mobile or stationary version. Hammermill size and power-unit can change accordingly to required hourly production and material to process. Hammermill operates first size reduction to proceed with material separation
Magnetic separator operates separation of ferrous and non-ferrous metal.
ZIG-ZAG separator Zig-Zag air separator helps in separating heavy and light materials. According to input material, these machines can clean iron or non-ferrous metals from plastics and light inert materials.


Plant Flex 500
Hourly production up to 3,5 ton/h
kW 90 kW
- -
Plant Flex 700
Hourly production up to 4-6 ton/h
kW 110 kW - 160 kW
- -
Plant Flex 1000
Hourly production up to 8 ton/h
kw 250 kW