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Steel tire wire & iron from car rubber gaskets


Panizzolo Flex Tyre-Rubber plant is configured to process and clean steel tire wire in output from ELT plants, polluted by textile fiber and rubber, but also iron wire with rubber from automotive rubber gaskets waste.

Separated output materials from Panizzolo Flex Tyre-Rubber treatment will be:

  • Clean Ferrous metals (steel wire).
  • Inert components (which may be textile fiber and/or rubber granules).

Panizzolo Flex Tyre-Rubber plant can be sized to give hourly productions of:

  • 1-2 tons per hour
  • 2,5 tons per hour
  • 4-5 tons per hour


Thanks to Panizzolo Flex Tyre-Rubber plant, waste input material becomes a secondary raw material which can be sold directly in the foundry.

This recycling plant can work material which is contaminated by inert materials up to a percentage of 25-40% of its weight, ensuring an output wire with an average of 1% of impurities.


Panizzolo plant for tire recycling features a mechanical cleaning process, avoiding liquid gases, chemical agents for rubber freezing or expensive and dangerous thermic systems.

Panizzolo plant is designed to reduce noise pollution level, requiring also less maintenance service.
Everything is made with special selected alloys, to ensure long life, maximizing quality of the output.

The process flow of Panizzolo Tire Plant is controlled and guaranteed by the control software. The control software is easy and user-friendly,  allowing customer to manage the production at its best, in real time, having direct control on the whole plant. It can be also equipped with a remote connection assistance.



Panizzolo plants are designed to be flexible. Patented interchangeable components give the chance of working with several material and can change ouput results in a very short time and reducing costs.
Moreover, Panizzolo equipment and machines are designed to be modular, in order to speed up the installation of upgrades.

Use technologies

Opener for size material reduction.
Hammermill - special sieve Flex tyre Series and Special Sieve PZ-Tyre.
with special hammers (blades) suitable for steel wire processing and material tearing.
Iron separator It carries clean steel from sieve to specific boxes.


Plant Flex 500 Tyre
Houly production up to 1-2 ton/h
kW 110 kW
Plant Flex 800 Tyre
Houly production up to 2,5 ton/h
kW 160 kW
Plant Flex 1100 Tyre
Houly production up to 4-5 ton/h
kW 250