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Separation systems series

Panizzolo Separation Systems have been designed for a perfect and effective separation of materials, to give new value to scrap metals in metal grinding and refining plants.

Panizzolo Separation Systems can be divided into the following categories:

  • Eddy Current Separators – Plants for non-ferrous metals and heavy inerts separation. They can operate an excellent separation with combined action of vibrating tables and eddy current system.
  • Zig-Zag densimeter separators – Plants for metals and light inerts separation. These plants can operate a cleaning action for metal waste, separating light inerts as paper, plastic-film, residual food/organic elements from heavier material.
  • Vibrating separator systems – Plants to separate metal and dust/powders. Materials are conveyed on vibrating tables. Vibrations help separating materials both with shaking action and de-dusting process, through holes in the treatment surface.


The high quality of all processes of Panizzolo Separation Systems operations is guaranteed by the control software. Designed by Panizzolo technicians, it is easy and user friendly, to manage production in real time.

The processing is always optimized and, if necessary, can be arranged with remote connection assistance.



Panizzolo equipment and machines are designed to be modular, in order to speed up the installation of upgrades as separation systems, soundproof cabins, dust suction plants, conveyor belts, and more.