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Serie Flex Tyre-Rubber


Panizzolo Recycling Systems Flex Tyre-Rubber plant is configured to process and clean steel tire wire in output from ELT plants, polluted by textile fiber and rubber, but also iron wire with rubber from automotive rubber gaskets waste.

This recycling plant can work material which is contaminated by inert materials up to a percentage of 25-40% of its weight, ensuring an output wire with an average of 1% of impurities.


Thanks to Panizzolo Recycling Systems Flex Tyre-Rubber plant, waste input material becomes a secondary raw material which can be sold directly in the foundry.


Panizzolo Flex tyre-rubber plants have been designed for high performances in output material quality,  taking care of the hourly production. Thanks to their energy-saving motors and to the innovative grinding system, they can halve energy costs without lowering production rates.

A fast and safe maintenance can reduce downtimes of Panizzolo Flex tyre-rubber serie.
The hydraulic system gives direct access to the grinding chamber where grids, cradle, rotor and armours can be inspectioned and maintained.

These interchangeable components can make these plants suitable for every processing need, reducing service downtimes and costs.


The high quality of the shredding process in Panizzolo Flex hammermills is guaranteed by the control software. Designed by Panizzolo technicians, it is easy and user friendly, to manage production in real time.

The processing is always optimized and, if necessary, can be arranged with remote connection assistance



Panizzolo equipment and machines are designed to be modular, in order to speed up the installation of upgrades as separation systems, soundproof cabins, dust suction plants, conveyor belts, and more.