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Recycling Plants

Panizzolo Recycling: Tailored Systems

Panizzolo recycling plants for ferrous scrap and metal waste are the most advanced solution for grinding and refining processes, coming directly from a long experience in the metal scrap business. Panizzolo Recycling Systems shredders, hammermills and the advanced separation systems can guarantee excellent metal processing and material separation.
Panizzolo plants are flexible and modular. Our patented system of interchangeable cradle and grids in our hammermills, allows our plants to work with different materials, and all our plants’ structures are designed to be quickly integrated with a wide range of upgrades.


Cans from MSW (municipal solid waste)

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plant for MSW cans and similar material can produce high quality proler and separate metals from plastic, paper, food, etc.

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Electric motors plants

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants for electric engines and motors recycling can provide excellent results and guarantee great profits.

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Aluminium recycling: profile & carter

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants are recognized as one of the best solutions for grinding, separation and treatment of aluminium carter and profile

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Steel tire wire & iron from car rubber gaskets

Panizzolo Recycling Systems Flex Tyre-Rubber plant can process and clean steel tire wire and iron with rubber from automotive rubber gaskets waste.

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Tires recycling plants (ELT)

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants for used tires are one of the best solutions to this problem, because of their high production rates and results.

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Scrap metals waste plant

Panizzolo Recycling Systems plants for scrap metals provide high production rates, from 3 to 15 ton/h to get excellent separation of all components

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WEEE recycling

Panizzolo Recycling Systems’ plants for WEEE treatment use the most modern and efficient technologies, to guarantee a complete recovery of the components.

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Sandwich covering panels recycling

This plant is conceived to process and separate materials from covering panels. Results after the treatment will be iron proler and inerts.

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Radiators recycling plant

This plant has been designed by Panizzolo Recycling Systems technicians to grind and refine waste material coming from automotive and industrial radiators

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Car engines and motors recycling plant

Long direct experience in this kind of waste allowed Panizzolo Recycling Systems to build an effective and powerful solution to car engines’ treatment.

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