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Category Archives: Novità

Panizzolo a Ecomondo 2018


Dal 6 al 9 novembre 2018 si svolgerà a Rimini Fiera la Fiera Internazionale del Recupero di Materia ed Energia di ECOMONDO.

Panizzolo sarà presente presso: HALL A3 – STAND 47.

Le giornate di fiera saranno l’occasione per incontrare tutti gli operatori del settore ed approfondire tutte le novità presentate da Panizzolo in occasione della manifestazione.

ECOMONDO  è la fiera leader  della green e circular economy nell’area euro-mediterranea;  un evento internazionale con un format innovativo che unisce in un’unica piattaforma tutti i settori dell’economia circolare: dal recupero di materia ed energia allo sviluppo sostenibile.

Panizzolo at Assofermet conference


Panizzolo will sponsorship the Assofermet – iron & metals italian companies association – congress at Confcommercio in Rome.

All companies interested can take part subscribing at: www.assofermet.it

the event is following organized:

Thursday 18 October:
Gala Dinner at Forum Hotel (Via Tor de’ Conti, 25 – Rome), for 70th years anniversary celebration of Assofermet association.

Friday 19th October:
Congress at Confcommercio headquarters (Piazza G. Belli, 2 – Orlando plenary hall), with CRU partnership and many important guests.

South Korea and WEEE treatment: Flex 800 Hammermill is on the way


The Republic of Korea is one of the top leaders in the design and construction of innovative technological products (both industrial and domestic). For this reason, it is not a novelty to find, by companies operating in the recycling sector, the growing need to process in the best way the electrical and electronic waste from WEEE.

These companies have identified Panizzolo as an excellent partner in the supply of simple and effective recycling solutions, compact and dynamic, flexible and tireless, capable of enhancing the copper and metals contained in WEEE waste.
With the previous Flex 1000 Mobile Drum (installed at the beginning of 2018 in a large metal scrap collection company), they were able to examine the transportable hammermill in action and verify its efficiency, productivity, output quality and low energy costs necessary.


With the interchangeable cradles (Panizzolo patented system), the hammermills (both stationary and mobile), performing excellent WEEE pre-grinding and refining processing.
The Panizzolo hammermills range reaches the complete metals cleaning, transforming the waste into raw material ready to be sold to foundries.
These solutions also drastically reduce operating costs, wear and simplify maintenance. In addition, that technologies have been patented by the company thanks to 30 years direct experiences in this sector.

In April, a stationary Flex 800 has been sent in South Korea. Through a 160 kW electric motor the hammermill allow a production up to 8 tons/hour.
The recycling solution has been sold to a large South Korean company that collects waste from WEEE. Flex 800 will allow the company to perform an excellent material grinding in order to prepare it for the magnetic separation (through the Panizzolo module, installed after the Flex 800 output).



The Stationary Flex 800 has been specially packaged for the long sea voyage before arriving from the Korean company. The Panizzolo philosophy is always to perform the best and quick installation and commissioning. For this reason, its extremely careful attention is extended to the components boarding preparation for the container ship.
The packing steps are performed by a specialized and certified company. Panizzolo technicians work side by side with that company, so the transport safety and the machine integrity is put in the first place.
The disassembled components are distributed in different blocks, fixed inside specific wooden structures and finally inserted and locked inside the containers. Before leaving for the port, the technicians register the identification number of the container and its contents, while an operator lock the access doors.
During the month of travel, another problem to avoid is the sea salt aggressiveness and atmospheric agents (heat, humidity, rain infiltration, etc). For this reason the components are enclosed and sealed inside special bags, designed specifically for the complete isolation.



Panizzolo recycling solutions presence will be continuously increasing in the Republic of Korea during the 2018. Local companies show a continuous and growing interest in the quality of the Paduan company’s plants, designed thanks to the direct experience in the metal waste treatment sector.

Panizzolo Recycling Systems @Pollutec Morocco 2017

The 9th edition of Pollutec Morocco, the international exhibition for equipment, technologies and services for the environment (water, waste, air and energy), will be going on from october 24 to 27, 2017, at the International Fair of Casablanca, Morocco.

This important meeting will help more than 250 moroccan companies, businessmen and international exhibitors to meet the 6000 professional business visitors, buyers and decision makers which will come to attend the show, representing private companies and public institutions

Panizzolo Recycling Systems will be there with a selection of important Italian companies, and we will be waiting for your visit at Stand F33!

Far East is closer, now.

A Flat-rack container and a 40ft Open Top container have been enough to ship a whole Panizzolo Plant to Asia.

Composed by a Panizzolo Flex 1300 Mobile drum hammermill – 315kw, with magnetic drum separator, and by an Eddy Current separator for non-ferrous metals, this plant will be working with MSW Cans, in one of the biggest and most populated cities of the world.

Capable of a 16 tons per hour production rate, Panizzolo Flex 1300 Mobile Drum hammermill features easy moving operations and start-up procedures.  Panizzolo Technicians also worked hard to translate Panizzolo software wizard in the control panel touch-screen computer. Everything has been translated into asian ideograms. This will allow every user, after a short teaching, to use Panizzolo Equipment without problems.

These are, by the way, just a few reasons why the Asian customer chose Panizzolo to treat his waste. Most important reasons are output product quality and the money-saving management of the whole plant.

Plant is now in transit, loaded on a containership which will deliver it within 5 weeks, making far East a little closer.

Nuovo impianto con mulino a martelli Flex 1300 nel cuore dell’Europa

E’ entrato in funzione alla fine di aprile il nuovo impianto Panizzolo Recycling Systems per il trattamento ed il riciclaggio di RSU (rifiuti solidi urbani) in Belgio.

Commissionato da un’importante azienda multinazionale operativa in diversi settori del riciclo rifiuti e della fornitura di materie prime ed energia, è composto di un potente mulino Panizzolo Flex 1300 – 315kw, nella sua versione fissa, da un separatore a tamburo magnetico, un separatore per metalli non ferrosi a correnti parassite Eddy Current, e ben due separatori densimetrici Zig-Zag per la pulizia dei metalli dagli inerti leggeri come plastica, carta e residui organici.

L’impianto, grazie alle tecnologie ed alle soluzioni brevettate Panizzolo, permette la lavorazione di grossi quantitativi di materiale in entrata, fino a 15 tonnellate all’ora, ed è in grado di arrivare ad un prodotto finale di qualità, il cui valore è accresciuto dall’elevata pulizia garantita dai sistemi di separazione Panizzolo Recycling Systems.

Il mulino a martelli Flex 1300 ora attivo in Belgio è dotato della cabina di insonorizzazione opzionale e di un sistema di sollevamento per la sostituzione rapida della culla intercambiabile, il sistema brevettato che consente una capacità di adattabilità a più lavorazioni e materiali, caratteristica unica nel mercato che testimonia la validità del prodotto Panizzolo.

New MSW plant working

In January 2017 a new Panizzolo Recycling Systems plant for MSW cans has been set up and started up in Sicily. Output quality level is very high thanks to Flex 800 Compact Mobile hammermill and its patented system of interchangeable cradle and grids.

This is the reason why more and more companies, day after day, choose Panizzolo Recycling Systems machines. Lower power needed, high productions, high quality and adjustable output results make these plants a reasonable, thoughtful, good choice.

Malta: new plant working.


A new Panizzolo metal recycling plant has been started-up in Malta during the last days of February 2017.

In one of the most-densely populated areas of the planet, waste collection and treatment require special care and a peculiar flexibility in management.

Challenge was not easy at all.

Needed requirements were: a compact plant, capable of working with several materials, whose hourly production couldn’t be less than 3 tons per hour.

After many operational tests with metals, electric engines, radiators, aluminium carter and WEEE, Malta company confirmed that Panizzolo plant was the chosen one, also for its compliance with the demanding Maltese regulation.

A complete line for metal treatment, composed by a versatile Flex 500 Compact Mobile – 90kw (with in-built iron separator), vibrating sieves and an Eddy Current Separator, is now working full-throttle and reaches production peaks of 3/3.5 tons per hour, according to input material.

Panizzolo Plants confirm once again to be extremely reliable and adaptive, helping silently and tirelessly to improve our environment.