We transform bulky waste into resources thanks to smart, competitive metal recovery plants. Respecting the environment and developing our customers’ businesses is our mission!

A constant focus on Research and Development along with thirty years of know-how are evidence of thorough knowledge of the industry and its issues. Thanks to an engineering approach and field experience, we develop high-performance solutions in terms of business, technology and environment.

Our metal recycling plants epitomise the “time is money” concept. Metal waste refining processes are designed to maximise production and curtail manufacturing and maintenance costs. By applying our technologies, secondary raw materials can be totally recovered and directly re-entered into the economic cycle.

Our specialised team offers quality training, after-sales, on-site and remote support services. We want to build relationships based on collaboration and transparency so as to contribute to the profitability of our customers’ investments.


Panizzolo Recycling provides competitive, cutting-edge metal waste recovery and processing solutions, designed to maximise the return on customers’ investments.


Efficiency, flexibility and innovation are benefits working synergistically to turn our recycling processes into valuable, profitable allies of the environment.

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Panizzolo Recycling is an established Italian brand recognised worldwide as a company specialising in the supply of metal waste recycling solutions. This solid industrial concern has a long history and family tradition dating back to the post-war years.

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As a result of being continuously confronted with the industry issues, customer needs and direct tests on our internal metal recycling plant, Panizzolo Recycling team is constantly geared towards researching and developing new technical solutions to cater for customers.

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Our strength lies in continuous research and innovation – two milestones that, over years of experience, have led to the creation of two patented solutions unequalled in the market.

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