The Scrap processing plants and hammer mills designed and manufactured by Panizzolo Recycling are patented recycling systems, the result of thirty years of direct experience in the field of waste shredding. Our wide range of metal waste processing machines consists of industrial mills and shredders, metal sorting systems and metal waste refining plants designed to be flexible and tireless as well as ensuring maximum profitability in terms of time and costs. Our strength lies in continuous research and innovation – two milestones that, over years of experience, have led to the creation of two patented solutions unequalled in the market.


A common feature of all hammer mills series – Flex Series, Flex Mobile Series, Mega Series and Stationary Refine Series – is our interchangeable cradle. This innovative patent is the key element of our bulky waste shredding process and ensures significant advantages in properly operating metal recycling and metal waste processing machines.


The patented interchangeable cradle was designed to be easily and quickly removed from its seat. Grids and anvils can thus be replaced in less than 30 minutes to adapt the hammer mill to different types of metal waste processing. The resulting flexibility thus makes it possible to process different materials in various sizes, assuring long term functionality of the hammer mill.


Panizzolo Recycling’s shredding cradle is a unique structure located in a specific housing inside the hammer mill. This solution assures an optimal shredding process that does not affect the whole machine by straining the entire structure, but is confined to the cradle itself, where the grids and hammers are housed. In metal waste refining processes, the worst enemy is wear and tear. Thanks to our patented interchangeable cradle, the stress to which the machine is subjected can be minimised thus assuring excellent performance in terms of productivity and lower long-term maintenance costs.


Panizzolo Recycling’s metal recovery systems stand out thanks to an innovative patented refining mill. This specific hammer mill offers clear advantages in terms of increased shredding efficiency with respect to products available on the market. Thanks to special castings and processing logics, metals can be shredded and granulated effectively even in waste causing significant wear, such as waste from WEEE equipment, car-fluff, mixed metals and alubond.


The processed metal scrap can cause significant wear, thus undermining the actual yield of secondary raw materials processing over time.

The recycling logic has been specifically designed to assure consistent wear of each component, so as to prevent sudden breakdowns and drops in production; moreover, using the special Panizzolo Recycling castings ensures longer service life of hammers and armours.


Shredding mixed waste consisting of metals and inert materials that cause wear is much more efficient than other models on the market. Thanks to the greater reduction capacity of the refining hammer mills, consistent granulation can be obtained, free from plastic, rubber and fabrics. This output material size is ideal for effective densimetric separation and complete recovery of secondary raw materials.


Panizzolo Recycling is an established Italian brand recognised worldwide as a company specialising in the supply of metal waste recycling solutions. This solid industrial concern has a long history and family tradition dating back to the post-war years.

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As a result of being continuously confronted with the industry issues, customer needs and direct tests on our internal metal recycling plant, Panizzolo Recycling team is constantly geared towards researching and developing new technical solutions to cater for customers.

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We transform bulky waste into resources thanks to smart, competitive metal recovery plants. Respecting the environment and developing our customers’ businesses is our mission!

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