Recycling solutions

Thanks to our thirty-years’ experience in the field of heavy waste recycling, we build highly efficient, flexible metal recovery plants. Our team of qualified professionals and high level of technological know-how have made it possible for us to steadily improve our range of recycling solutions over the years.

Panizzolo Recycling metal refining plants can indeed optimise and simplify bulky waste refining and secondary raw material recovery processes.

Our ranges of hammer mills, industrial shredders and waste sorting systems are very versatile. As a matter of fact, our design team have developed modular and flexible systems that support upgrades of the production process through other accessories, as well as converting it for different types of bulky waste. Our customers continuously achieve optimal results in terms of output quality as well as processing times and costs thanks to high hourly productivity, a significant reduction in energy costs and maximum yield of the processed materials. All Panizzolo Recycling solutions are sustainable and efficient, and comply with current safety and environmental regulations.


Find out why we are the go-to partner for your business and why Panizzolo Recycling plants are unique solutions on the market.

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Panizzolo Recycling bulky waste disposal systems are automated, innovative solutions that allow each component to be customised depending on the material to be processed.

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Hammer mills, industrial shredders and metal separators are high-performance, flexible machines for disposal of bulky waste causing significant wear. All components are made of specific alloys that ensure long service life and sturdiness of all Panizzolo Recycling products.

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