Our controland supervision software

Research and experimentation have led to steadily improving the metal waste refining cyclein order to ensure recycling plant efficiency in the long run.

The technologies embedded in Panizzolo Recycling metal waste processing machines provide optimal energy efficiency, lower consumption and high hourly production profitability. In particular, thanks to our control and supervision software, the individual components of metal recycling machinery can effectively interact, and all processing and maintenance stages can be safely and independently monitored remotely.
Our supervision software is tailor-made for simple, efficient management of metal waste disposal plants. Intuitive interfaces allow you to view the layout of an individual machine or the whole refining plant and monitor the productivity situation in real time.

Thanks to remote control, the customer can safely perform preset standard operations and the Panizzolo Recycling team can provide support in real time.

The Panizzolo Recycling system is set up with a view to 4.0 connection with the company’s internal network and to interface with the relevant management systems.

Customers who have outdated solutions may require their software to be updated and control panels replaced with the latest version. Each software release is customised according to the customer’s final needs and is available in 11 languages. Upon installation of the plant, operators will be trained to ensure proper operation of the metal recycling systems.