Mobile hammer mills

The hammer mills for metal waste grinding in the FLEX MOBILE range have been designed for non-exceptional road transport, quick on-site installation and immediate start-up. The hammer mill is located inside a soundproofing casing together with the loading system, extraction belts and the supervision and control panel. Thanks to modular accessories, magnetic separator conveyors can be installed outside the housing.

Panizzolo Recycling’s mobile hammer mills are designed to grant easy access to the synergistic areas of a facility. The areas that need any maintenance are easy to reach. The hydraulic circuit grants direct access to the Flex mill grinding chamber. Cradle, grids and armours can be quickly replaced. The double-pulley rotor has a locking mechanism to the mill casing. All these details make a difference in reducing any machine downtime.

Panizzolo Recycling’s hammer mills are metal recovery machines that stand out for their high processing flexibility. Thanks to a patented system of interchangeable cradles and grids, the hammer mill can be adapted to several types of ferrous metal waste and non-ferrous scrap, to grind and refine a wide range of small, medium and large size materials. With the same machine, it is possible to grind electric motors and car engines, MSW, mixed tins, WEEE waste, aluminium profiles and casing, industrial metal scrap, radiators and refrigeration pipes. This flexibility, that allows machinery to be converted over time, is a strong factor safeguarding all our customers’ return on investment.

At the same time, thanks to Panizzolo Recycling’s know-how, production cycle results can be maximised based on the metal waste to be treated.

Each material has its own optimal disposal process, and specifically designed alloys to obtain the best performing solutions in terms of profitability and processing costs.

Using hammer mills for bulky waste shredding ensures controlled energy consumption without adversely affecting hourly productivity, as a result of using low engine power, and the shredding logic.

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Flex 500 Mobile

Motor power: 90 kW
Production: up to 3,5 t/h
Numbers of hammers 20

Flex 800 Mobile

Motor power: 160 kW
Production: up 8 ton/h
Numbers of hammers: 20

Flex 1000 Mobile Drum

Motor power: 250-315 kW
Production: 11-13 t/h
Numbers of hammers: 24

Flex 1300 Mobile Drum

Motor power: 315 kW
Production: up to 15 t/h
Motor power: 32


Panizzolo Recycling is an established Italian brand recognised worldwide as a company specialising in the supply of metal waste recycling solutions. This solid industrial concern has a long history and family tradition dating back to the post-war years.

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As a result of being continuously confronted with the industry issues, customer needs and direct tests on our internal metal recycling plant, Panizzolo Recycling team is constantly geared towards researching and developing new technical solutions to cater for customers.

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During the treatment the material is not thrown back to the hammermill entrance. The structure of the Panizzolo hammer mill, combined with the loading logic, guarantees total safety.

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