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Increasing attention to environmental safety and capitalising on secondary raw material has made recycling bulky waste an essential process. Industrial processing scrap or metal scrap has become the subject of highly technological processes that allow them to re-enter the market as secondary raw materials, reducing environmental impact and landfill use. Managing the wear factor is of primary importance in metal scrap processing.

During the processing cycle, hammer mills and industrial shredders are subjected to strains which, in the long run, may cause structural damage, malfunctions and production downtime. The reliability of a metal scrap grinding plant is only guaranteed if the recycling machines are really designed for treating bulky waste in all its components. Thanks to thirty years of experience and specific know-how in metal scrapping, Panizzolo Recycling has patented innovative solutions in this regard.

The development of our patented interchangeable cradle has made it possible to reduce the general strains which bulky scrap grinding machines originally underwent, limiting the action to housing cradles only. Similarly, Panizzolo Recycling hammer and armour alloys are specifically designed for metal scrap processing.

Our metal waste processing plant is designed for operators in the industry such as steelworks, foundries, car wreckers and metal waste disposal companies that need to recycle, process and sort metal waste. We provide excellent, flexible solutions both for light waste recycling and bulky metal scrap shredding.

The process of recovering metal from waste is efficient and quick as the entire production process takes place mechanically and automatically. Scrap is treated through specific shredding, grinding and sorting cycles for ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals and inert materials. The metal recycling machines that make up our plants have been designed to be modular, flexible and simple.

They can be combined with a wide range of accessories so that any type of ferrous and non-ferrous waste can be processed and the profitability of the output product maximised. Thanks to their grinding logic, Panizzolo Recycling plants require low energy power compared to the productivity they can achieve.


Simple and intuitive, Panizzolo Recycling software was designed to assist the end user in all metal waste refining stages and monitor processes even remotely.

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Metal waste refining processes are designed to maximise production and curtail manufacturing and maintenance costs. Respecting the environment, satisfying and helping our customers with tangible solutions is our mission!

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