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MSW is unsorted waste from homes, schools and public premises. It generally consists of paper scraps, plastic bags, tins, bottles, food waste, clothes and batteries. Municipal solid waste disposal has been a growing problem for years, and more and more countries are approving waste management policies involving waste capitalisation rather than landfill disposal. Recycling municipal solid waste through an MSW processing plant is an extremely topical and effective solution for secondary raw material recovery.
Over the years, Panizzolo Recycling has fine-tuned specific know-how to maximise the results and profitability of MSW waste capitalisation cycle.

Our MSW shredding plants use processing logics and patented components for fast, effective recovery of secondary raw materials. All systems and sub-systems interact synergistically and can be monitored through our remote control software. The solution involves the use of hammer mills to separate inert materials such as plastic, nylon, fabrics and wood from recyclable metal waste. Magnetic separators divide ferrous metals from non-ferrous ones, and air separation systems eliminate the lightest impurities from the proler thus obtained. All our recycling systems are flexible and customisable based on customer requirements.

Panizzolo Recycling’s inert material treatment plants can separate waste containing plastic, nylon, fabric and wood for up to 65% of their weight, obtaining clean proler iron, clean metal materials, as well as light and heavy inert materials.

The high quality of our secondary raw materials output and, in particular, the excellent proler iron intended for direct sale to foundries is well-established.


Simple and intuitive, Panizzolo Recycling software was designed to assist the end user in all metal waste refining stages and monitor processes even remotely.

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Metal waste refining processes are designed to maximise production and curtail manufacturing and maintenance costs. Respecting the environment, satisfying and helping our customers with tangible solutions is our mission!

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