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The European directives and an ever stronger focus on recovering heavy ashes from processing scrap and industrial waste have boosted the development of increasingly innovative powder refining systems. The slag produced by foundries, thermal power plants and waste-to-energy plants is being more and more recovered and sorted out. Treating this slag appropriately can mean a parallel investment for the very incinerators, that can thus recover value from the scrap produced during processing. In order to maximise the yield of large quantities of slag, recycling plants are not based solely on simple metal waste shredding and grinding, but make use of efficient inert powder sorting systems that allow actual waste to be minimised.

Thanks to continuously improved operating logics, Panizzolo Recycling’s slag treatment plants can process residues with low management and maintenance costs. This latter aspect is very important in the treatment of heavy ashes, given the particular abrasion potential of this waste. The processing logic and the special castings used allow our patented grinding mills to significantly reduce the wear factor while keeping the quality of output materials high.

Two types of metal waste sorting plants have been added to the hammer mills. A magnetic drum sorts out the ferrous materials, while an eddy current sorting system sorts out the remaining non-ferrous metals.  Suitable suction systems make the workplace safe and compliant with regulations.

Copper, brass, iron and aluminium can be recovered by slag treatment systems from fractions of heavy ashes and inert materials. These secondary raw materials are excellent quality outputs, suitable for re-entry into the economic/production cycle.


Simple and intuitive, Panizzolo Recycling software was designed to assist the end user in all metal waste refining stages and monitor processes even remotely.

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Metal waste refining processes are designed to maximise production and curtail manufacturing and maintenance costs. Respecting the environment, satisfying and helping our customers with tangible solutions is our mission!

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