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Tins or iron and aluminium cans are a type of municipal solid waste that is collected in our cities. Thanks to the environmental safety policies that have been implemented by local administrations and to European Union regulations, processing of MSW tins is a major environmental safety management issue, and entails the implementation of a controlled separate collection system. Curbing waste transfer to landfills is mainly aimed at implementing a virtuous recovery cycle for secondary raw materials which would otherwise be unused. The most appropriate solution in terms of capitalising on mixed tins waste is processing by means of MSW tins recycling plants. These recycling systems, however, are faced with a non-trivial challenge: the variety of MSW, as a result of inefficient separate collection, makes it hard to actually sort out the materials. MSW tins indeed consist of iron, aluminium and steel metal scraps but also include a large variety of inert materials such as nylon, plastics, glass and paper.

Panizzolo Recycling’s tins recycling plants are designed to simplify waste sorting and optimise the proler iron recovery process with a view to minimising untreated waste. Processing inert materials involves a first stage where the plastic packaging containing the waste is opened and tin cleaning. Manual sorting alone does not provide optimal results to maximise the recovery cycle. For this reason, sorting out and grinding mixed ferrous waste takes place by means of specific hammer mills. Processing tins thus achieves excellent results in the recovery of proler metal. The quality of our output proler is higher than the industry average and allows excellent quality iron, aluminium, copper, brass and steel to be placed directly on the market.

The recycling machines used in Panizzolo Recycling tins treatment plants are specifically designed for ferrous waste processing. A quality hammer mill guarantees a reliable and long-lasting process, while grinding MSW tins with inappropriate systems undermines processing and investment efficiency.

Our plants for municipal solid waste treatment ensure excellent yields with MSW tins.


Simple and intuitive, Panizzolo Recycling software was designed to assist the end user in all metal waste refining stages and monitor processes even remotely.

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Metal waste refining processes are designed to maximise production and curtail manufacturing and maintenance costs. Respecting the environment, satisfying and helping our customers with tangible solutions is our mission!

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