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The increasing popularity of electronic equipment has created a considerable problem in terms of WEEE disposal at the end of their service life. Currently, waste from discarded electronic and electrical equipment has an average annual growth three times higher than that of any other type of waste, and poses a serious pollution problem. Waste from WEEE can be classified mainly in household WEEE, WEEE from businesses, WEEE from lighting fixtures. Precisely because of its variety, WEEE processing is complex and requires a high level of specialisation from all operators in the sector.

Our processing primarily involves shredding by means of specific hammer mills that ensure optimal recovery of the metals contained. Depending on the type of WEEE waste, the plant may consist of a hammer mill alone or feature a more complex structure. To complete the process, our metal refining plant can recover even the smallest parts of secondary raw materials, in order to maximise the production cycle and minimise waste. Panizzolo Recycling develops advanced and customizable WEEE treatment plants, designed for electric motor processing, iron shredding and electric cable sorting.

The electronic equipment recycling plant makes it possible to capitalise on electronic waste thanks to the separate recovery of secondary raw materials such as copper, iron, steel and aluminium. In this regard, the recovery of copper from electric cables and the recovery of iron from electric motors are of major importance.

The technologies embedded in our WEEE mill make it possible to recover more than 90% of components and very high quality outputs. Safety and sustainability are guaranteed by suction systems, systems for separating hazardous components and soundproofing panels.


Simple and intuitive, Panizzolo Recycling software was designed to assist the end user in all metal waste refining stages and monitor processes even remotely.

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The output copper can be further refined and separated from inerts, pollutants and other metals, thanks to processing in line with the Panizzolo refining plant.

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