It's time to maximize the value of metals


Why Panizzolo recycling has long invested in following customers with targeted solution

In the summer of 2017, Beijing notified the global trade organization that from 2018 it would impose restrictions on the import of waste into the country. Thus began the Chinese campaign against the "yang laji", the foreign garbage, now known as "Chinese National Sword". A war without quarter after Chinese companies had imported rubbish without much distinction for thirty years, they were so hungry for raw materials to be recycled.

Although China still accepts some categories today, the purity threshold required for metal waste is so high that it is almost impossible for most exporters to trade. The crisis highlights all the limits of a circular economy, not always directed to close the circle of recovery.
Before the Chinese National Sword, recycling companies focused on recovering the most valuable waste portions while those considered less noble or more complex to refine, having a difficult commercial position, were completely shipped to China.
The new policy takes away an important safety valve for countries around the world. There are extreme cases like the United Kingdom and Japan, in great difficulty for a policy that was based on the complete export of waste, while the United States since August 2018 have seen their export share reduced due to a war of duties with Beijing.

In April 2019 an analysis by Greenpeace on the changes in commercial waste routes showed an exponential increase in imports both to the European Union and to developing states in south-east Asia. For this reason, in May 2019 at Basel conference, member countries introduced changes and restrictions to international trade. Appropriate inspection bodies have begun to supervise exporters, obliged to market better quality waste. The goal is to force all countries to increase the treatment steps, allowing importers to maximize their valorisation and reintroduction into the production process
Nowadays the circular economy must therefore adopt a new approach in the treatment cycle. Italy and Europe must take responsibility for encouraging companies to complete the metal recovery cycle, changing course with respect to past and recent politics.

Anticipating this, Panizzolo Recycling has gained a concrete experience in the End-of-Waste field. The Basel Convention confirms the company policy that Panizzolo has been pursuing for years, offering solutions aimed to obtain the highest economic value for processed products. It is not a secret that the global market is rapidly moving towards the exclusive demand for quality metals, benefiting with an increase in sales, those companies that were already within these parameters before the Chinese crisis.

In order not to get stuck with your business, you need to sharpen your weapons and aim for a path of technological innovation. By updating and elevating the treatment phases, it will be possible to seize the opportunities of this change and manage the abundance of scrap and metals that the sector is desperately trying to reintroduce into the production cycle.

Metals recovery from mixed WEEE waste


In the treatment of metal waste, disposal plants must deal with large quantities of waste materials that often reach such high quantities of wear inert as to render the profitability of the processing null. The effective division of these scrap has a fundamental importance in the correct management of the recycling process and in the recovery of quality secondary raw materials.


Panizzolo Recycling metal recovery systems are characterized by the innovative patented refining mill. This specific hammer mill represents clear pluses in increasing grinding efficiency compared to products on the market. Thanks to the special fusions and treatment logics, it is possible to grind and granulate metals effectively even in waste considered highly weary as waste from WEEE, car-fluff, mixed metals and alubond plants.

Panizzolo recycling: metals recovery from incinerators slag



Until a few years ago, in Italy and Europe , non-hazardous ashes and slag from incinerators were sent to the landfill. In the last few years, the introduction of restrictive European laws in the sector of waste collection and management has imposed to maximise the recovery.
When this kind of waste is put in an appropriate recycling plant , the slag from incinerators has remarkable recovery properties. From the treatment process is possible to obtain copper, brass, aluminium and other metals as output materials. Inert dusts are very abrasive components that can be sent to cement plants at the and of the the treatment.



With Panizzolo refining plant the waste from incinerators are introduced in an End-of-Waste recycling cycle which operates only with mechanic treatment. The Flex 500 Stationary Refine hammermill (with patented cradle) and the patented refiners mills RAF-F and RAF-M treat the waste with only a step without losses of inert.



Thanks to specific castings and processing logic, the hammermills can treat abrasive waste like combustion ashes.
From the incinerators waste, granulated metals like copper, brass and aluminium can be recovered, separating them from inert materials and falling into the “Secondary Raw Material” category. Panizzolo refining plant maximises the metals profitability for sale, breaking down the operating costs and simplifying the maintenances.

QUALITY must be concrete, not only an advertising spot


Special Global Recycling Day: March 18th, 2019

The Global Recycling Day promotes the use of better technologies for the waste enhancement.

More attention has to be paid to companies which provide high levels recovery solutions in order to realise this project, avoiding faint and illusory advertising campaigns. Some companies promise top productivity results just on paper, that actually cannot be achieved, leaving clients at the mercy of problems.


introduce innovations for clients

It is very important to select the right company both for the supply of machines and also for complete plants.

The investments of companies in research and development is a distinctive trait. These can be carried out inside the company or in partnership with universities research departments.
Both methods have the aim to introduce innovations for clients. Patents is the final confirmation of high quality.

One of the most important factor is the predisposition of the supplier in listening and solving the clients problems.
A top quality product has its basis on solid Costumer Care procedures. From the tailored productive cycle development, till the treatment aimed to maximise the treated materials’ commercial value. Additional value consists in the pre-assembly and test before the start up. Only few companies focuses on a fast installation to maximise the time for the staff training.


Hammermills and economic benefits

An excellent example, for waste treatment is the hammermill. An underestimated machine but essential for the economic enhancement of metals.
The grinding process and the volumetric reduction enable to pre-treat or refining waste like electric motors, aluminium profile, cans, mix RSU, shredded collection, WEEE and other kind of waste. The mix outputs can be then conveyed to separation systems.

A top quality hammermill is able to provide financial and productivity benefits. For this reason we have to consider on the technical plan words like quality, reliability and productivity.

Some concrete examples can be made.
The grinding chamber need to have armours, so the external structure will be protected from wear.
During the working process the mill is subject to high efforts, so it is strategic important the choice of carpentries and welding. Comparing different mills which treat the same input material, we can note that in poorer models, wears appear also after a short period of use. This problems do not occur in other models with specific construction features even after several years of use.
Another yardstick are the components subject to wear. The material that makes up the hammers, need to be specially designed. Waste contained abrasive materials need to be treat with hammers, armours and grids which enables long working cycles, guaranteeing a top quality of the output product.
The applied technology has to be functional and easy to use for the operators. Maintenance and the change of setting for the different treatments (possibility to grind different types of waste) need to be carried out in short time.

This few examples are obviously related also in economic benefits.

In the future waste will be always more complex to enhance. In order to concrete the Global Recycling Day aim, it’s important to distinguish the companies like Panizzolo, that are able to provide solutions for metals enhancement and to maximize companies productivity.

From mixed cans to high quality iron proler


In July, the latest Panizzolo mixed cans recycling plants has been set up. Thanks to the efficient treatment, the quick installation and start up Panizzolo solutions are considered the top in the field and continuously requested both in Italy and abroad.

The new recycling plant consists of a Flex 1000 Stationary and an air separation system through ZIG-ZAG, for the iron proler cleaning.



Flex Series hammermills (stationary or transportable) perform excellent treatment with packed or pressed cans up to 65% of inert inside. The hammers are available with specific castings against glass wear.
Depending on the production and the cleaning quality needs, Panizzolo recycling plant can be completed with accessories such as Zig-Zag, eddy current, dynamic shake and more.



Panizzolo’s hammermills carry out efficient grinding: they roll the iron into a ball and, by means of zig-zag separators, they remove the scrap.
A high-density Proler is thus obtained and falls well within the parameters required for taking it to the foundry.

Panizzolo hammermill's quality and grinding efficiency is guaranteed by the patented in interchangeable cradle.

South Korea and WEEE treatment: Flex 800 Hammermill is on the way


The Republic of Korea is one of the top leaders in the design and construction of innovative technological products (both industrial and domestic). For this reason, it is not a novelty to find, by companies operating in the recycling sector, the growing need to process in the best way the electrical and electronic waste from WEEE.

These companies have identified Panizzolo as an excellent partner in the supply of simple and effective recycling solutions, compact and dynamic, flexible and tireless, capable of enhancing the copper and metals contained in WEEE waste.
With the previous Flex 1000 Mobile Drum (installed at the beginning of 2018 in a large metal scrap collection company), they were able to examine the transportable hammermill in action and verify its efficiency, productivity, output quality and low energy costs necessary.



With the interchangeable cradles (Panizzolo patented system), the hammermills (both stationary and mobile), performing excellent WEEE pre-grinding and refining processing.
The Panizzolo hammermills range reaches the complete metals cleaning, transforming the waste into raw material ready to be sold to foundries.
These solutions also drastically reduce operating costs, wear and simplify maintenance. In addition, that technologies have been patented by the company thanks to 30 years direct experiences in this sector.

In April, a stationary Flex 800 has been sent in South Korea. Through a 160 kW electric motor the hammermill allow a production up to 8 tons/hour.
The recycling solution has been sold to a large South Korean company that collects waste from WEEE. Flex 800 will allow the company to perform an excellent material grinding in order to prepare it for the magnetic separation (through the Panizzolo module, installed after the Flex 800 output).



The Stationary Flex 800 has been specially packaged for the long sea voyage before arriving from the Korean company. The Panizzolo philosophy is always to perform the best and quick installation and commissioning. For this reason, its extremely careful attention is extended to the components boarding preparation for the container ship.
The packing steps are performed by a specialized and certified company. Panizzolo technicians work side by side with that company, so the transport safety and the machine integrity is put in the first place.
The disassembled components are distributed in different blocks, fixed inside specific wooden structures and finally inserted and locked inside the containers. Before leaving for the port, the technicians register the identification number of the container and its contents, while an operator lock the access doors.
During the month of travel, another problem to avoid is the sea salt aggressiveness and atmospheric agents (heat, humidity, rain infiltration, etc). For this reason the components are enclosed and sealed inside special bags, designed specifically for the complete isolation.



Panizzolo recycling solutions presence will be continuously increasing in the Republic of Korea during the 2018. Local companies show a continuous and growing interest in the quality of the Paduan company's plants, designed thanks to the direct experience in the metal waste treatment sector.

Flex 800 Mobile: New recycling plant fully operating


In the first months of 2018 the installation and commissioning of the new Flex 800 Mobile was completed at an important Eastern European company.

Panizzolo's custom is the careful and studied design based on years of experience that allows to combine high productivity with low energy costs. The new 160 kW Flex 800 Mobile boasts an output of up to 8 tonnes per hour.


The user company, for this reason, is able to perform excellent processing treatment both with the aluminum profile and with the carter mix from the car engines, switching from one to the other simply and quickly thanks to the cradles interchangeable system (Panizzolo pantent).

The Flex 800 Mobile has been designed to be strong and sturdy, allowing the user to process the heaviest materials in complete safety. The hammermill works according to continuos production cycles and in extremely harsh climate conditions, as the commissioning has been completed during a heavy snowfall.


Included in the Flex 800 Mobile there are the specifically-designed loading system, the hydraulic circuit which allows (trought the special push-button panel) the machine opening for maintenance, the electrical panel and the Panizzolo’s software for simple management and automatic processing optimization.
All components are installed on a transportable structure which is enclosed within a soundproof cabin. It guarantee low noise level and great safety for the entire process.

Like the Panizzolo mobile grinding line, the hammermill has been designed to be quickly and easily transported and installed, ensuring the user to start working in the shortest time.


Following the Flex 800 Mobile, the waste treatment cycle is completed by a magnetic separation module (which intercept the hammermill output) and an eddy current separation system ECP 800 (for the division between non-ferrous metals and aggregates).

Panizzolo experience is something that waste recycling companies can count on. Panizzolo recycling solutions give unique results with simple and smart features, saving maintenance time and money.

Far East is closer, now.

A Flat-rack container and a 40ft Open Top container have been enough to ship a whole Panizzolo Plant to Asia.

Composed by a Panizzolo Flex 1300 Mobile drum hammermill - 315kw, with magnetic drum separator, and by an Eddy Current separator for non-ferrous metals, this plant will be working with MSW Cans, in one of the biggest and most populated cities of the world.

Capable of a 16 tons per hour production rate, Panizzolo Flex 1300 Mobile Drum hammermill features easy moving operations and start-up procedures.  Panizzolo Technicians also worked hard to translate Panizzolo software wizard in the control panel touch-screen computer. Everything has been translated into asian ideograms. This will allow every user, after a short teaching, to use Panizzolo Equipment without problems.

These are, by the way, just a few reasons why the Asian customer chose Panizzolo to treat his waste. Most important reasons are output product quality and the money-saving management of the whole plant.

Plant is now in transit, loaded on a containership which will deliver it within 5 weeks, making far East a little closer.

New Plant with Flex 1300 Hammermill in the heart of Europe.

A new Panizzolo Recycling Systems Plant for MSW treatment and recycling has been assembled and started up in Belgium, at the end of April 2017.

The plant has been requested by an important Multi-national company working with waste recycling, raw materials supply and trade, energy supply, and it is composed by a powerful Flex 1300 - 315kW stationary hammermill, a magnetic drum separator, a High-Efficiency Eddy Current Separator, and two Zig-Zag densimeter separators, to clean metals from light inert waste material, as plastic, paper, organic waste.

Thanks to Panizzolo technology and patented solutions, this plant can work large quantities of input material, up to 15 tons per hour, and can produce high quality output, whose value is increased by the Panizzolo Recycling Systems cleaning and separation equipment.

Flex 1300 Hammermill which is now working in Belgium also features the optional soundproof cabin and a crane for quick operations on the interchangeable cradle, the Panizzolo patented system which gives the whole plant great skills and capability of working several materials.
Skills and capabilities that once again witness Panizzolo's reliability.

New MSW plant working

In January 2017 a new Panizzolo Recycling Systems plant for MSW cans has been set up and started up in Sicily. Output quality level is very high thanks to Flex 800 Compact Mobile hammermill and its patented system of interchangeable cradle and grids.

This is the reason why more and more companies, day after day, choose Panizzolo Recycling Systems machines. Lower power needed, high productions, high quality and adjustable output results make these plants a reasonable, thoughtful, good choice.